Your character is, for whatever reason, in Karatsu (see below). Whether your character was born there, is just visiting, is in town after dropping off some merchandise from a trading ship, or has been arrested (or any other reason), your character is in Karatsu.

Recently, the local government – led by a Mayor Sakai – issued a need for help dealing with a recent string of issues nearby the city. There have been bandits, issues with wildlife, and even a few recent sightings of green-gray humans.

Essentially, you have answered this call. For whatever reason, you have agreed to join with 3 other mercenaries and a local, trusted guard to go help the city. Whatever your reasons (to help the poor, to get money for yourself, or to strike a plea bargain to get out of jail), you have joined the recent call to help the city.


Welcome to Karatsu, here in nortwestern Kyuushyuu.

It is a harbor village that makes a large amount of its revenue through sea-faring trade. The majority of villagers earn their income through farming, woodcutting, and the occasional miner quite some distance away. The city is split in half by a river that flows from the south to the north. This river helps transport materials from distances far away to the city.

The village is most densely populated near the harbor, however “dense” is a bit of a stretch of the word. There is a government in the area, however there really isn’t much to govern! Karatsu’s village is surrounded in farmland, and the farmland is surrounded by mountains – it is a rather isolated village. The majority of the shops, bars, taverns, and entertainment is to be found near the harbor.

Most boats that enter and exit the city aren’t much bigger than your modern cars. However there are many boats, some might call them commercial fishing and trading boats, that are perhaps as large as a bus. There are even the occasional large merchant ship the size of a small building.

The nearest cities are Imari, another mountain-locked, harbor village to the south-southwest (about 2 weeks walk or a 5 day boat trip); Matsuura, a very small village to the southwest (about a 4 week walk or a 5 day boat trip); Itoshima, a larger city to the east-northeast (about 4 weeks of walking or 5 days on a boat); or the much larger city of Yanagawa to the southeast (a month or so journey by either means).

Recently, however, Karatsu has come into issues with banditry and piracy. The city government has taken to hiring those willing to risk their lives (for some coin, of course) to help with the issues. The groups are generally led by an experienced member of the guards to take care of problems. These “mercenaries”, if you will, come from a wide calling: some are merely merchants from the town, some are experienced warriors, some are learned individuals who come to practice that which they have been taught, some are on a crusade against evil… some are criminals whose punishment is this duty.

This is where you come in. You are one of these mercenaries. When you heard of the problem, and the chance to earn coin, you came calling. Your reasons are your own, your history is your own, and your path is your own. But, right now, you are being briefed on your first mission to help the government of Karatsu defend its people against its unknown enemies.


Here is a list of all the spells that classes can learn. Also explained here is how many spells you can memorize in each day.


For any of my students who are a bit new to adventuring, here is a page that will help you understand what is expected of you!

The Era of the Rising Sun

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