Sorcerer and Wizard Spells


0 Level Spells

Acid Splash: Orb deals 1d3 acid damage; ranged touch (Conjuration)

Arcane Mark: Inscribes a personal rune, visible or invisible (Universal)

Dancing Lights: Creates lights that you control (evocation)

Daze: Humanoid creature of less than 5 hit dice loses next action (enchantment)

Detect Poison: detects poison in one creature or object (divination)

Detect Magic: Cone of 60 ft + detects spells and magic items (divination)

Disrupt Undead: Shoot a ray for 1d6 damage to one undead (Necromancy)

Flare: Creates a bright, sudden light. -1 on attack rolls (Evocaction)

Ghost Sound: Creates a figment sound p235 (Illusion)

Light: Object shines like a torch 10 minutes per level (Evocation)

Mage Hand: 5-Pound telekinesis 25 + (5 per every 2 levels) feet range(Transmutation)

Mending: Makes minor repairs on an object (transmutation)

Message: Whispered conversation at distance 10 min per level(transmutation)

Open/Close: Opens or closes small or light things not locked or barred. (Trans.)

Prestidigitation: Performs minor tricks (Universal)

Ray of Frost: Ray deals 1d3 cold damage. 25 + (5 per every 2 levels) feet range (Evocation)

Read Magic: Read scrolls and spellbooks 10 min per level(Divination)

Resistance: Subject gains +1 on saving throws 1 min. (abjuration)

Touch of Fatigue: Touch attack fatigues target 1 round per level (Necromancy)

1st Level Spells

Alarm: Wards an area for 2 hours per level (Abjuration)

Animate Rope: Makes a rope move at your command (Transmutation)

Burning Hands: 1d4 per level (5d4 max) damage cone of fire (Evocation)

Cause Fear: One creature of less than 6 hit die flees for 1d4 rounds (Necro)

Charm Person: A person becomes your friend 1 hour per level(Enchantment)

Chill Touch: One touch per level deals 1d6 damage & Fort save 1 strength, undead flee (Necro)

Color Spray: 1d6 weak creatures become unconscious, blind and/or stunned p210 (Illus)

Comprehend Languages: you hear or read languages 10 minutes per level (Divination)

Detect Secret Doors: Reveals hidden doors within a 60 ft cone (Divination)

Detect Undead: Reveals undead within a 60 feet cone (Divination) —10

Disguise Self: Change your appearance 10 minutes per level p222(Illusion)

Endure Elements: Exist comfortably in extreme hot or cold (Abjuration)

Enlarge Person: Humanoid creature doubles in size p226(Transmutation)

Erase: Mundane or magical writing vanishes (Transmutation)

Expeditious Retreat: Your speed increases by 30 feet 1 minute per level (Transmutation)

Feather Fall: Objects or creatures fall slowly (Transmutation)

Grease: 10ft^2 or one object becomes really slippery 1r/lvl (Conjuration)

Hold Portal: Hold a door shut (abjuration)

Hypnotism: Fascinates 2d4 hit die of creatures for 2d4 rounds p242 (Enchantment)

Identify: Determines properties of magic items (Divination) — 20

Jump: Subject gets bonus to Jump checks (10 / 14x levels) (Transmutation)

Mage Armor: Touched target gets + 4 Armor class bonus 1 hour per level (Conjuration)

Magic Missile: Shoot missiles out of your hands for 1d4+1 damage per missile. One missile at level 1, 2 at level 3, 3 at 5, 4 at 7… etc. Missiles always hit (Evocation)

Magic Weapon: Weapon gains +1 bonus 1 minute per level (Transmutation)

Mount: Summons riding horse for 2 hours per level (Conjuration)

Nystul’s Magic Aura: Alters 5lbs/lvl object’s magic aura 1 day per level (illusion)

Obscuring Mist: Fog surrounds you, 20ft radius, 1 minute per level p258 (Conjuration)

Protection from C/E/G/L: + 2 AC and saves against alignment, counters mind control,

hedge out elementals and outsiders p266 (abjuration)

Ray of Enfeeblement: Deals 1d6+ (1/2 Levels) strength damage 1 minute per level (Necromancy)

Reduce Person: Humanoid creature halves in size p269 (Transmutation) — 30

Shield: Invisible disc gives + 4 armor class, blocks magic missile on self (Abjuration)

Shocking Grasp: 1d6 per level (max 5) electric damage on +3 AR touch (Evocation)

Silent Image: Creates a visual illusion of your design; concentration, 400+40 per level ft (illusion)

Sleep: Puts 4 hit die of creatures to sleep 1 minute per level (Enchantment)

Summon Monster I: Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you p286(Conjuration)

Tenser’s Floating Disc: Create a 3 feet diameter disk that holds 100lbs per level; 1 hour per level (Evocation)

True Strike: +20 on your next attack roll (Divination)

Unseen Servant: Invisible force obeys your commands. Can’t attack, very weak (Conjuration)

Ventriloquism: Throws voice for 1m/level. (Illusion)

Sorcerer and Wizard Spells

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