Here’s a more in-depth analysis of the different classes that exist in the game.


Barbarians are tough, sturdy, and good killers. The general idea of a barbarian is a character who is, essentially, unrefined in every way (no social skills to speak of), but who uses might to get what they want.

Perks: Best HP of all the classes, tied for best attack skill, when enraged they ARE the best attackers, decent armor choices.

Weaknesses: No magic to speak of, not versatile in any way (not even when fighting), weak against magic, a small (but not-strict) behavior code.


Bards are characters who love to adventure. They love to entertain, they love to have fun, and the world is their oyster. “Bards just wanna have fun” might be a good way to put it. They perform in some way and know a little bit of everything. If you ever want to hear a good bed-time story, bards are the people to talk to!

Perks: Strong against magic, highly versatile (a large quantity of skills), magic users, can influence a battle by singing, no significant behavior code.

Weaknesses: minor code of behavior, better caster than fighters, dependency on ability scores.


The holy warrior. A cleric is someone who has been sent on a mission by their deity to further a cause of some sort. Whether your deity is evil, good, mischievous, or strict, YOU are their messenger. You have a duty to perform your god’s will.

Perks: Great armor selection, strong spells, great healers, great against magic, strong against undead.

Weaknesses: A cleric is only versatile through magic, they have almost no skills, and have a code of behavior


The ultra-hippy. Druids revere nature and all things natural. Their devotion to nature has granted them powers. They will be there to guard a forest from harm, protect the innocent animals, or destroy an industry center damaging the environment.

Perks: Strong magic users, strong against magic, good healers, decent fighters, animal friends, shape-shifting

Weaknesses: Druids have a behavior code, they have limited selection of armors and weapons


Fighters are the “over-all, well-rounded warrior”. Unlike barbarians, who are mostly just attackers, fighters also enjoy the defensive side of the battle. Fighters are generally people who try to command and organize a troop in a battle. When you think of a fighter, think of a knight, or a soldier of some sort.

Perks: 2nd highest amount of HP, widest selection of weapons, can use any armor, very versatile when it comes to fighting, no behavior code

Weaknesses: No magic, weak against magic, non-versatile (except when fighting)


Think of Dragon Ball Z, Kung Fu Panda, or Jet Li. These are monks. Buddhist and Shinto monks will be out and about defending their temples or making holy pilgrimages. They use their inner-spirit to win battles and focus their energies. The idea of the monk is an easy one: crazy kung-fu guy. However, explaining the class on paper is a bit of a difficulty…

Perks: Strong fighters that don’t require weapons, respectable health totals, numerous magic-like abilities, the best at resisting magic, no behavior code.

Weaknesses: No magic, No armor, not very versatile (even in combat), a bit of a confusing class to play.


The holy warrior on a quest for good. The paladin is immune to fear and is on a journey to make the world a better place. She wants to create law and order; help the good, poor and innocent; and to convert or punish the wicked. To play a paladin is to walk the fine line of “crusader for justice” and “that annoying guy who preaches too much”. Paladins either pray to a specific good deity, or are simply so righteous that it seems that they have a deity.

Perks: Strong fighting class, access to minor magic, can wear any armor, strong against undead, good healers, numerous class perks (such as a special mount).

Weaknesses: STRICT code of conduct, weak against magic, horrifically non-versatile.


The ranger is an outdoorsman who has learned the skills of survival. Tracking targets, living alone in the wilderness, and fighting are all synonymous with a ranger. They are generally the quiet individual who thinks about saving his own hide than saving others, but this might not be the case.

Perks: Decent against magic, access to minor magic, great fighters, good against a specific kind of enemy, great trackers, very versatile, good with animals, respectable hit point totals.

Weaknesses: minor code of behavior, better fighter than caster, dependency on ability scores.


The thief, the neer-do-well, the sneak, the cheat, the ninja, the deceiver, the gambler. A rogue is someone who generally puts themselves above others. Rogues aren’t necessarily evil, but they definitely don’t worry much about their victims! Rogues excel in being unseen, unheard, and killing their enemies before the fight even starts.



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